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Date Event Status
Jul 22-23 Alabama Details
Nov 15-16 Academic East Meets West Details
Jun 17-18 Academic West Details
Jul 16-17 CA Bay Area Details
Jul 30 CA Central Valley: Session 1 Details
Jul 31 CA Central Valley: Session 2 Details
Dec 29-30 CA Christmas Details
Jun 10-11 CA North Summer Details
Jul 23-24 CA Sacramento Details
Aug 16-17 CA San Diego Summer Details
Dec 13 CA San Diego Winter: Session 1 Details
Dec 14 CA San Diego Winter: Session 2 Details
Aug 9-10 CA South Summer Details
Jan 10 CA South Winter: Session 1 Details
Jan 11 CA South Winter: Session 2 Details
Nov 29-30 CA Thanksgiving Details
Dec 6-7 CO Winter Details
Jul 28-29 Colorado Summer Details
Jun 25-26 Academic East Details
Aug 9-10 Connecticut Details
Jul 8-9 Academic Mid-Atlantic Details
Sep 6 Delaware Session 1 Details
Sep 7 Delaware Session 2 Details
Aug 9 FL Boca Raton: Session 1 Details
Aug 10 FL Boca Raton: Session 2 Details
Jul 6-7 FL Bradenton Details
Aug 16 FL Orlando Summer: Session 1 Details
Aug 17 FL Orlando Summer: Session 2 Details
Dec 6 FL Orlando Winter: Session 1 Details
Dec 7 FL Orlando Winter: Session 2 Details
Nov 15-16 GA Fall Details
Jul 27 GA Summer: Session 1 Details
Jul 28 GA Summer: Session 2 Details
Aug 6-7 IL Summer Details
Nov 29-30 IL Thanksgiving Details
Aug 9-10 Academic Midwest Details
Aug 9-10 Kansas- KState Details
Sep 6 Kentucky: Session 1 Details
Sep 7 Kentucky: Session 2 Details
Jul 1 MA West: Session 1 Details
Jul 2 MA West: Session 2 Details
Jul 31-1 New England Class of 2015 Details
Jul 29-30 New England Classes of 2016-18 Details
Jul 1 Maine Details
Jul 22-23 MI Summer Details
Nov 29-30 MI Thanksgiving Details
Nov 22-23 Academic Fall Details
Jul 22-23 Academic South Details
Aug 19 NC Charlotte: Session 1 Details
Aug 20 NC Charlotte: Session 2 Details
Sep 6 New England Fall: Session 1 Details
Sep 7 New England Fall: Session 2 Details
Nov 29-30 New England Thanksgiving Details
Jul 2 New Hampshire Details
Aug 23-24 NM Summer Details
Dec 6-7 NV Las Vegas Details
Jul 15-16 NY Central Details
Nov 22-23 NY Metro Fall Details
Jul 1-2 NY Metro Summer Details
Jul 8-9 NY North Details
Aug 16-17 NY West Details
Jul 15-16 Ohio Details
Dec 13-14 OR Winter Details
Aug 4-5 Oregon Summer Details
Nov 15-16 PA East Fall Details
Aug 12-13 PA East Summer Details
Aug 5 South Carolina: Session 1 Details
Aug 6 South Carolina: Session 2 Details
Jul 15 TN West: Session 1 Details
Jul 16 TN West: Session 2 Details
Jun 24 TX Dallas: Session 1 Details
Jun 25 TX Dallas: Session 2 Details
Jul 23-24 TX San Antonio Summer Details
Jul 15-16 UT Summer Details
Aug 12 VA Central: Session 1 Details
Aug 13 VA Central: Session 2 Details
Aug 9-10 VA East Details
Jun 24 VA West: Session 1 Details
Jun 25 VA West: Session 2 Details
Sep 13-14 WA Summer Details
Dec 27-28 Washington Christmas Indoor Details



The Top 96 College Baseball Prospect Camps: a combination showcase, college camp and tournament - all in front of current college coaches!

College Coaches Guarantee: We guarantee that college coaches will attend to instruct, evaluate, observe, coach and interact with the players. They won't be off at some other field watching another game/team/player. Don't be fooled by events that only list the colleges that plan to attend or that attended their past events. We list the names and contact information for coaches attending our events, you can contact our coaches to verify their attendance.

Academic Camps


Coaches - Guaranteed Attendance!

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2-Day Camps


Coaches - Guaranteed Attendance!

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1-Day Camps


Coaches - Guaranteed Attendance!

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