Two days, one field: your best look from 20-25 top in-region college baseball & softball programs.

Powered by our exclusive Data-Driven FIVE TOOL Exposure™ advanced data analytics, Top 96 delivers unparalleled regional efficiency and opportunity in the recruiting process for prospective student-athletes pursuing their goal of college baseball and softball.

Defensive Showcase

Defensive Showcase at your position with all attending coaches watching and evaluating.

Complete Hitter Profile

Advanced hitting metrics including: exit velocity, exit launch angle, exit vector, spin rate, spin axis, and 3D ball flight modeling.

Pitcher Analysis

Pitcher Showcase plus advanced pitching metrics including: pitch velocity, spin rate, spin axis, spin efficiency, horizontal & vertical break, and 3D pitch modeling.

Athletic Index

Testing to give a complete view into your physical tools including: 60 yd. dash, overhand throwing velocity, batted ball velocity, vertical leap, broad jump, and pro agility shuttle run.

Position Specific Practice

Led by the college coaches, the practice includes individualized drills and instruction to grow and improve your game - and to see how a practice runs at the college level.

College Coach Meet-and-Greet

Small group meet-and-greets for coaches to get to know you as a student-athlete. In their recruiting, coaches need to know how you play on the field - AND who you are off it.

Situational Practice

Coach-led pregame infield/outfield showcase includes full-speed game situations with on-field coach instruction with all college coaches evaluating.

Full Game Play

Three live at bats, 3-4 innings at your primary position and all pitchers throwing live. With just one field, all college coaches are watching, giving on-field instruction and in-game evaluation.

Why We’re Different

Best In-Region Exposure

City and setting are key to finding the right college fit, and are often variables that student-athletes and families are able to zero in on before they know where one fits academically or athletically. The location of the schools you’re targeting – whether that’s in your backyard or on the other side of the country – matters, and now there’s a camp built to deliver your best look at a diverse set of schools, all close to your targeted city.

The format and structure of Top 96 – from the data-driven analytics to the full game play – offer student-athletes the most effective showcase experience to pursue their college goal in their intended city.

Maximum Efficiency in Your Recruiting

At Top 96, “in region colleges” means colleges that are in your target geographic region. By focusing solely on these regional programs, Top 96 delivers the balance of efficient exposure to the city and schools that you’re targeting, while also a critical volume and variety of schools to add value and efficiency in your recruiting process. Your recruiting resources are valuable, and Top 96 allows you to maximize your exposure to exactly the college programs on your list.

Data-Driven FIVE TOOL Exposure™ & Advanced Analytics

By delivering the in-depth, advanced data and analytics that the top college programs use, Top 96 gives student-athletes the path to future development, and college coaches everything they need to recruit you. The insight from these analytics let coaches see the player you are now and project you to the athlete you will be in their program.