Digital Recruiting – Coach Communications & Platforms, with SportsRecruits

April 6, 2020


The conversation above was recorded on Wednesday, March 25 with Matt Wheeler, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of SportsRecruits.

The conversation covers the recruiting process in broad strokes – school research, finding the right fit, potential twists and turns in the process – and also the advantages and efficiencies of using digital communication and SportsRecruits.

In addition to the full video above, below are a few key takeaways for student-athletes and families.

About SportsRecruits: SportsRecruits is a college recruiting technology platform that empowers high school student-athletes to pursue their dreams of playing at the next level by offering the tools and guidance to streamline the college recruiting process.


Key Takeaways:

  1. A “Dead Period” does not mean that it’s time to stand still in your recruiting. Right now, baseball coaches whose seasons have been suspended are in front of their computers during a time of year when they typically wouldn’t be, which can allow age-eligible student-athletes the opportunity to start your communications and relationship with them.
  2. Be proactive! Putting yourself in the driver’s seat with proactive school research and coach communication will help set you up for success in this process. There are no guarantees in the recruiting process, but being proactive is the top thing that you can do to help drive your desired outcome.
  3. Think “holistic fit” in the search process. Being on a team and continuing your playing career can be an incredibly additive piece to your college experience – but you also need to think through the overall fit of the school outside of athletics. You can also see more of a write-up on how to find this right holistic fit in the “Build Your College List” section of last week’s blog post here.
  4. Use the technology at your disposal to give yourself an advantage wherever you can, and to remove “friction” from your process. SportsRecruits gives student-athletes great efficiencies in both presenting your information to college coaches (transcript, video, athletic information and more) and also in your direct communication with coaches – use these tools to your advantage to make the process as streamlined as possible, and you’re able to re-invest that time you save into either continuing to develop your game to maximize your athletic potential, or into the research necessary to find the right holistic fit in college.