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What is Rapsodo?

Rapsodo is a state-of-the-art, portable hardware system for tracking advanced analytics and metrics in real time. The portability and accessibility of Rapsodo have helped make it the standard in colleges nationwide for collecting advanced data and metrics on their players to aid in player instruction and development.

Using its technology platform, Rapsodo captures detailed data on every pitched and batted ball, including:

Pitching: velocity, strike zone analysis, spin rate, spin efficiency, true spin rate, pitch break (horizontal and vertical), spin axis, 3D trajectory modeling, release height, release angle, and release extension
Hitting: exit velocity, spin rate, launch angle, spin axis, direction/launch vector, and 3D ball flight modeling

Why does this data and these analytics matter? How do coaches use them to assess and recruit?

For college coaches, recruiting is about identifying the players that can contribute to their program over the course of their four years. At most schools, this means identifying players who are “projectable” with their skills – meaning they may not be a fully polished player, but they have the tools to contribute with some continued development. Coaches aren’t just recruiting the player that you are right now as a high school sophomore, junior, or senior – they’re recruiting the player that you’re going to be as a college freshman, and as a college senior. Because they need to gain this sense of “projectability” from their recruits, the more data and measurements they can use to flesh out who you are as a student-athlete is incredibly valuable.

This is where the in-depth analytics that Rapsodo provides can deliver value to college coaches. In addition to what they see from student-athletes at Top96 in the showcase and live gameplay portions, they also have access to these metrics that allow a complete, 360-degree look into your tools as a student-athlete, enabling them to more effectively assess your play right now, and your projectability to play in their program.

Because of the accessibility and relatively lower cost of Rapsodo, more college programs are able to utilize these same systems and analytics to assess and develop their players. This means two things:

1. More and more coaches are using these tools and analytics, so they know what this data means, and how to use them to assess players. While some of these analytics can seem arcane and confusing, coaches know what they mean and how to use them – and each piece of data adds to the overall, 360-degree assessment that they’re building of the players at camp.

2. Using these tools in their own programs gives them a baseline for where their current players stack with these metrics, enabling them to project back to prospective high school student-athletes using these numbers to gain a more complete picture of how these prospects can contribute to their program in the future.

Do players and families have access to the Rapsodo data after camp?

Yes. After the Rapsodo metrics are taken on Day 1 of camp, all student-athletes will be emailed their metrics, along with an explanation “cheat sheet” of what the data means, and how to use it moving forward to continue to develop your game.

The raw data and analytics from camp only tell part of the story. Having access to the necessary context to help you understand what it means and how it can help you continue to get better as a player is ultimately almost as important as the raw data itself.

What is Blast Motion & how do coaches use the data to recruit?

Blast Motion is an information company that provides motion analysis and performance insights. By combining the bio-mechanics of movement with senor data, video capture technology and cloud-based software services, Blast has redefined the way people train, analyze and improve their game.
Giving coaches access to data and analytics from camp – including objective measurements, Blast Motion data and more – gives deeper insight into your tools and projectability as a player. Combining these analytics with the live gameplay, showcase portions, direct on-field engagement means that coaches have everything they need to recruit you. This data not only adds depth to the picture of who you are right now as a player, but also lets coaches see your potential, and how you project at their level of play.

In addition to equipping coaches with more in-depth information on your projectability and recruitability, this data also gives you as a player the tools and information to continue to develop as a player. By helping you get to know yourself more completely as a player, this data points to your areas of strength and improvement so that you can continue to round out your game.

Blast Motion:
New this year at Top96, a partnership with Blast Motion (blastmotion.com) will give even more advanced insight for coaches and players. Blast is a swing analyzer (sensor) and player development platform that records all of the necessary pre-contact information about an athlete’s swing – allowing you to not only track important data points like maximum barrel speed, peak hand speed and time to contact, but also builds a model of your swing across three metrics: Plane, Connection and Rotation. Together, these metrics provide an in-depth look at your swing, and how you can continue to improve your approach and attack at the plate.

The Blast swing analyzer will be available for purchase directly through the Top96 registration platform both during and after your registration. If you would like to purchase a sensor, you will be able to as an optional add-on. At camp, all student-athletes with a Blast swing analyzer will have their data tracked both during the Offensive Showcase and in the live gameplay, and this data will be accessible to coaches and to the player.

Why are Top96 Camps regionally focused?

Region, city, and setting are key aspects to finding the right college fit, and the location of the schools you’re targeting matters to both your recruiting process and your college experience. School location – whether it’s close to home or across the country – is a crucial early filter on your college list, and Top96 is organized around this geographic decision to deliver guaranteed exposure to a variety of schools, all in your target region.

At Top96, “in-region colleges” means just that – colleges that are in your target geographic region. By focusing solely on these regional programs, Top96 delivers both exposure to the city and schools that you’re targeting, and also a critical volume and variety of schools to add value and efficiency in your recruiting process.