Los Angeles

Softball Showcase Camps

One field. Two days. Your BEST LOOK from top Southern California college softball programs, powered by Data-Driven FIVE TOOL Exposure and the cutting-edge data and analytics used by top programs to deliver unparalleled regional efficiency and drive your recruiting process forward.

Data-Driven FIVE TOOL Exposure

The next level, cutting-edge data and analytics used by top college programs to help you maximize your potential and get your best look from recruiting colleges.

As college programs continually integrate more data and analytics into both their recruiting and player development practices, Top 96 provides the unique opportunity for exclusive, data-driven insight in your recruiting process.


Advanced pitching analytics — including spin rate, effective velocity, spin efficiency, horizontal & vertical break, and 3D pitch flight modeling — gives coaches exclusive insight to your projected growth on the mound.


BP data and measurements — including exit velocity, launch angle, launch-exit vector, and projected 3D ball flight modeling — provides coaches unparalleled access to the advanced data and analytics to evaluate your offensive tools.


Objective measurements — including 20 yd. dash, overhand throwing velocity, batted ball velocity, vertical leap, broad jump, agility shuttle, and more — give coaches full view into your athletic potential as a future contributor to their program.