School Choice & Fit: Location, Location, Location

May 9, 2019

When it comes to finding the right school fit location plays a key role – just like in real estate. City and setting can be a great first filter for building your list of schools, or the list of qualities that make up your dream school. Location is especially important for those staying close to home: 85% of student-athletes enroll and play at a college within 500 miles of home, while more than 50% enroll and play within 100 miles.

Just as location is important for student-athletes, it’s also important for coaches in their recruiting, and many programs focus on heavily recruiting their city, state, and region. In fact, virtually all of our Top96 partner programs’ rosters are made up of over 50% student-athletes from in-state or in-region – with many programs between 75-90% recruited from nearby.

Because it’s such an important filter on the college decision, location can often be something that student-athletes are able to zero in on even before they identify where they may fall academically or athletically for their recruiting. With that in mind, Top96 is designed to deliver guaranteed and high quality exposure to a critical mass of targeted, in-region college programs.

By offering exposure to 20-25 in-region college programs, Top96 helps you gain valuable efficiency in your recruiting process – all schools in the area that you’re targeting, which means no wasted time, money, or effort.