The Nation's BEST Regional College Showcase


Boston Session 1: July 26-27, 2019
UMass Boston
Clark Athletic Center (Monan Park Baseball Field)
150 William T Morrissey Blvd
Boston, MA 02125

Data-Driven FIVE TOOL Exposure

Advanced data analytics PLUS the opportunity to showcase for, play in front of, directly engage, and practice with college coaches is the equation for getting effectively and efficiently recruited.

Defensive & Offensive Showcase

The Offensive & Defensive Showcases are designed to highlight your skills and tools with all attending coaches watching.

Advanced Data Analytics & Athletic Index

Pitcher Analytics, Complete Hitter Profile, and Athletic Index at Top 96 deliver unparalleled insight into your projectability and on-field tools to guide your development and give college coaches the complete picture of your potential and on-field play.

Coach-Led Practice

A full, position-specific practice led by the college coaches in attendance delivers drills, skillwork, and individualized instruction to improve your game — and see how a practice runs at the college level.

College Coach Meet-and-Greet

Coaches need to know how you play on the field — AND who you are off it. Small-group meet-and-greets with college coaches offers the opportunity to introduce yourself to the coaches you're targeting, and for them to get to know you as a whole student-athlete.

Full Game Play

Three live at bats, 3-4 innings in the field at your primary position and all pitchers throwing live. With just one field, all college coaches are watching, giving on-field instruction and in-game evaluation.

Confirmed Colleges


Amherst, MA
Coach: Josh Kieffer


Worcester, MA
Coach: Mike Rocco

Bridgewater State

Bridgewater, MA
Coach: Greg Zackrison


Providence, RI
Coach: Matt Perper


Franklin, MA
Coach: Ernie May

Framingham State

Framingham, MA
Coach: Len Ferrari


Cambridge, MA
Coach: Bill Decker

Holy Cross

Worcester, MA
Coach: Greg DiCenzo

Johnson & Wales

Providence, RI
Coach: Connor McDavitt


Cambridge, MA
Coach: Todd Carroll


Dudley, MA
Coach: Adam Goss


Boston, MA
Coach: Nick Puccio

Rhode Island

Kingston, RI
Coach: Kevin Vance

Roger Williams

Bristol, RI
Coach: Jason Tower

Saint Anselm

Goffstown, NH
Coach: Nick Cenatiempo

Salem State

Salem, MA
Coach: Al Donovan

Southern New Hampshire

Manchester, NH
Coach: Zach LeBarron


Easton, MA
Coach: Lou Proietti

UMass - Boston

Boston, MA
Coach: Brendan Eygabroat

UMass - Dartmouth

Dartmouth, MA
Coach: Shawn Manfredo

UMass - Lowell

Lowell, MA
Coach: Christopher Edmondson

Worcester Polytechnic (WPI)

Worcester, MA
Coach: Chris Logan

Travel & Accommodations

Location: UMass Boston Clark Athletic Center (Monan Park Baseball Field), 150 William T Morrissey Blvd, Boston, MA 02125

Top 96 partners with our host facilities and universities to secure the best rates for hotels in the area. Enrolled student-athletes and families will be notified when hotel information is available.

Clark Athletic Center at UMass-Boston is approximately a 15 minute drive from Boston’s Logan International Airport, which is the closest easily-accessible airport.


For those flying home after camp, it is best to get a flight after 7:00pm. Game start and end times on the second day of camp will be determined by team assignment. On Day 2, all games should be finished by 5:30pm.

Columbia Point Baseball Field at Clark Athletic Center is located between the campuses of UMass-Boston and Boston College High School in Boston, MA.


While the baseball field does not have an exact street address, for ease of navigation, enter:


100 William T Morrissey Blvd
Boston, MA 02125

Boston Session 1

July 26-27, 2019

Cost: $599